East Bay Challenge - Road Edition

Start: Oakland, California     Terrain: Road     Dist: 19.54 mi     Elev Gain: 2,326 ft

April 20, 2021 to May 31, 2021 5 Segments: 1. Tunnel Road (3.08 mi/765 ft, climb category 3) 2. Pinehurst South From Canyon (1.28 mi/330 ft, climb categeory 4) 3. Redwood Rd from Pinehurst to Skyline (2.39 mi/452 ft, climb category 4) 4. Joaquin Miller to Chabot (1.23 mi/304 ft, climb category 4) 5. Skyline Climb Huckleberry to Sibley (0.35 mi/121 ft) Welcome to OmegaBykr.com’s inaugural event! This platform has been a year in the making and I’m excited to host my first virtual event. The leaderboard will be the total time over five segments, all of them are climbs. The first segment is Tunnel Road, which is the start of the course, so make sure you warm up properly beforehand. The last segment time, #5, will be multiplied by 3 as a bonus to those who are able to push to finish it fast after completing 4 hard climbs. For example, a rider who finishes segment #5 10 seconds faster than the next person will have a 20 second advantage. There are two female and male categories, under 50 and 50+. The top rider in each category will win an OmegaBykr t-shirt (see 'Store' at the top). You can ride the course as many times as you like over the next 6 weeks. Ride it solo or with a group, the whole point is to have fun! Keep an eye out in June for East Bay Challenge - Dirt Edition. If you are not already an OmegaBykr user, click ‘Register’ from the top navigational bar to create an account. Click 'Events' -> 'Active' from the top bar and click the title for this event to return to this page. Then click on the ‘View Event’ link below (above the map) to register for this event. You will be required to complete an online waiver and your rides will automatically be pulled from your Strava account. If you don’t want to wait for the automatic process (every 3 hours) to load your rides, you can manually upload your ride to see your results on the leaderboard. The event page, from ‘View Event’, will have everything you need to track your event: rider registration, segment details, manual ride upload and results. Once you register for the event, you can easily navigate to it using the ‘Account’ link from the navigational bar on any Omegabykr home page. If you have any questions, feel free to contact me. Summary Steps: 1. Create OmegaBykr user account 2. Click ‘Link to Route’ below to get the GPX file for your Garmin. 3. Click ‘View Event’ below to get to the event page 4. From the event page, you can register to ride, see each Strava segment in detail, manually upload your ride from Strava and see the results leaderboard. 5. To get back to this page from the event page, click ‘View Post’. Enjoy!! -cyndi omegabykr@gmail.com

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