In the Spring of 2020, we were faced with the realities of the COVID-19 pandemic, shelter-in-place and social distancing. Many in my bike community who enjoyed large group rides found ways to connect in virtual space. For me, the joy and magic of riding happens outside, so I didn’t see this as a good long term solution. I looked for apps that allowed people to list their rides on a shared route, but couldn’t find one, so I decided to design and build my own.

What does this desktop application do?
It started as a riding blog where you can post a route and others can download it, ride it and then upload from Strava. I built a ranking algorithm that factors in percent of route completed, total distance ridden (both on and off route) and average speed. Riders can upload multiple rides for the same route and the group listing will display their best ranking. There is also a space for riders to share comments on any given post.

I have expanded on my original idea and created a platform for teams/clubs to have custom pages and host virtual events. In an effort to support youth programs, the platform will be free for all official clubs and teams for kids and supported by adult subscriptions. In doing things a little backwards, I have focused my attention on getting the platform running smoothly for the kids to have a racing season in the middle of the pandemic. If you are an official youth club/team, feel free to Contact Me.

Why did I build it?
In a prior life, I was a software engineer building trading and portfolio analytic software on Wall Street. When my husband and I returned to the Bay Area from New York after our oldest was born, I took the opportunity to be a full time mom while doing some contract work, a blessing. My youngest is now in college and I have been contemplating my next steps. This project brings together two things that are near and dear to my heart, software development and riding bikes. Maybe this path will lead me to my next career.

Boy, that’s a cool site name!
My family came up with OmegaBykr. The Omega personality is one who operates outside of traditional norms, a person who thinks outside the box. The Omega Bykr is creative in finding ways to continue enjoying the sport.

-cyndi wong