Platform Features

OmegaBykr was conceived and born in early 2020 during the early stages of the COVID-19 pandemic. I built it as a way for people to be part of a common ride, but virtually. During this time, many riders were turning to online community workouts and trainer rides, but for me, the joy and magic of riding happens outside. I wanted to share a route, allow others to download it, ride it, and upload it to a common leaderboard that was route specific. I have been working on this project for almost a year and sadly, we are still in the pandemic but things are looking brighter with new vaccines becoming available. As we slowly move beyond shelter-in-place, this platform can continue to connect riders virtually or in-person. Here are some current features, a year in the making.

Team/Club Custom Pages - click here to request a custom page

  1. Teams/clubs can have their own pages, with custom logos and background images, to administer their events.

Team/Club Administrator - Create an Event

  1. Create a full route event using a RideWithGPS link or a Strava activity link, or create a segment event by picking up to seven Strava segments from a Strava activity link.
  2. Event dates can be a single date, across multiple dates or across multiple dates for a couple of months (for example, the first week of the month for three months).
  3. Define rider categories, for example, category 3 or age category between 20 to 35 split by gender.
  4. Use an official event link to redirect registered riders to your page for more information about your event.
  5. Set a registration fee, if applicable. This is the fee a team/club wants to charge registered riders. This fee can also be a fundraiser fee.
  6. Include a payment link, if applicable. This is the link a team/club will use to collect payments from riders. All payment transactions will be handled through your link. This can be a GoFundMe link for fundraising.
  7. Setup the event to automatically pull Strava activities for your registered riders, if applicable.
  8. Require your registered riders to complete an optional secondary waiver, online. A primary OmegaBykr waiver is required.

Rider Registration - Requires an OmegaBykr Account

  1. Rider information: name, email, sex, phone, affiliated team/club, category.
  2. If the rider is a minor, guardian information is required.
  3. OmegaBykr requires registered riders or parents/guardians to complete an online waiver. Only one is required for all events.
  4. Ride activity can automatically be pulled from Strava, manually uploaded from Strava, manually uploaded from a Garmin FIT file or manually entered by the event administrator. Riders are allowed to upload multiple activities for the event as long as the activity is within the event dates. Access to Strava activities require rider authorization and can be disconnected from Strava at any time.
  5. Riders can register for events across multiple teams/clubs and can easily navigate to all their registered events through the rider’s account page.

Viewing Event Results with Filters

  1. Best/All Rides: Best is a rider's best ride and All is all the rides across all riders.
  2. by Team/Club.
  3. by Category.
  4. by Female/Male.
  5. Event administrators have the option of downloading the results to a CSV file.