Youth Programs & NICA

In an effort to inspire kids to go outside and get some exercise on their bikes, OmegaBykr is free for all official youth programs and their roster of kids. I have been working with the Director of Safety and Risk from the National Interscholastic Cycling Association (NICA) to maximize OmegaBykr's functionality to support a culture of athlete abuse prevention and inclusivity in the youth sports landscape. Adhering to NICA mandates, their teams can host events without requiring the use of social media, Strava, or expensive bike computers, making it accessible to all kids. Here is how you can host such an event. Contact me if you are an official youth team interested in using this platform.

For Event Administrators
For Registered Riders

For Event Administrators (back to top)

Create a Full Route Event

  1. Create the event from a RideWithGPS, a Strava activity, or a Strava route link. The Strava activity has to belong to the person creating the event.
  2. Click New Post from the top navigation bar and define the title, description, route link (copy and paste the webpage address) and terrain and click Submit.
  3. You will be re-directed to your new post containing the route. From that page, click the Create Event link above the map.
  4. You will be re-directed to the Event Administration page of your new event.
  5. Keep Activate Event unchecked until you are ready to activate your event for rider registration.
  6. Keep Use Strava Segments unchecked since this will be a full route event.
  7. Uncheck Strava Autoload.
  8. If you wish to require registered riders to complete a secondary waiver, primary is OmegaBykr, contact me to set it up.
  9. Set Event Link, Registration Fee and Payment Link (all optional).
  10. Set start and end dates by clicking the + sign next to Dates.
  11. Define your categories and add new ones by clicking + next to Categories.
  12. Click Update to save your changes.
  13. When you are ready to open up registration, check Activate Event and click Update.

Managing an Event

  1. From the event page, click Admin Page.
  2. The event administrator page is where you mange the event details.
  3. To confirm registered riders, click the View Registered Riders link. If the rider is a minor, verify that Over 18? is blank. To see the rider's account details with guardian information, click -> under Details. If the rider waiver is complete, check the box under Confirmed? to allow the rider's rides to be uploaded.
  4. To manually enter results for registered riders, click the Manual Result Entries link.

For Registered Riders (back to top)

Registering for an Event

  1. Register for an OmegaBykr account: Uncheck Over 18? if a minor, uncheck Link to Strava?, complete the form and click Sign Up.
  2. From the event page, click Rider Registration. the form will be partially completed from your account information.
  3. Select your affiliated Team/Club. If it is not there, contact me to add it.
  4. Select your Category.
  5. Click Register.
  6. If you do not have a completed OmegaBykr waiver on file, one will be sent to your guardian to complete. You will not be able to upload rides until this waiver is complete.
  7. Your rider information will be listed under Registered Riders with Confirmed as blank. The event administrator will review your information and approve your registration. Once approved, Confirmed will be Yes.
  8. Once confirmed, you may begin to upload your rides.

How to Find Events

  1. Click Events from the top navigation bar to see the events for a team/club.
  2. Click on the event title you wish to view.

Uploading Rides

  1. From the event page, click Upload Ride to upload your Garmin FIT file

Manual Entry Rides

  1. This can only be done by the event administrator

Viewing Event Results