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Here is where you can navigate your preferred pages and events and edit your account information.

This page displays all posts and events. Clicking on the User Name will direct you to all the posts created by that user and clicking on the Post Title will take you to that post.

Strava authentication is required for accessing your data, so you will be redirected to the Strava login page if you are not already logged in.

New Post
This page is for creating a New Post. For now, only Ride With GPS and Strava web route and activity links are allowed. Terrain choices are Road, Dirt/Gravel and Mixed.

    Ride With GPS link (needs to be a public route):
    Strava link (needs to have public access):

    Post Details
    There is a link to the route for downloading navigational files. You can Edit and Delete your Post with some restrictions if other users have already uploaded rides. Beneath the elevation chart are some buttons: Upload from Strava, View My Rides/View All Riders, Expand Details. Below the buttons is a chart with the list of riders who uploaded their rides. You are allowed to upload multiple rides for the same route and you can use the View button to toggle between your rides and all riders. Rank is mostly determined by the percent of the route ridden and avg speed with a little extra weight given to ride distance longer than the route. The overall rider list takes each rider's highest ranking ride. The headers in the chart can be clicked for dynamic sorting. Clicking on the rider name will take you directly to their Strava post for the given ride. There is also a space for Comments.

    Rider List Details
    You get to this page by clicking the Expand Details button under the elevation chart. You can toggle between View My Rides and View All Riders. The chart headers have dynamic sorting.

    This page lists all open and closed events. See Quick Start under Help for How to Create a New Event.